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কিন্তু বাবা মা কে কষ্ট দিয়ে জীবনে সুখী হওয়া যায় না

A few days or avoid all the risad! One day Riya came to their house in the absence of Risa. Who are you? I am Riya, the next Karti of this house Are you all talking nonsense? I am Risad’s wife and Risad loves me.

After eight long years of meeting his ex-wife, Mr. Shawkat has managed to get the address of Afsana Begum with great difficulty. Afsana Begum has hidden herself from everything.

After the divorce, he suffered a major shock and has not yet been able to recover After crying for a long time, she restrained herself and wiped her eyes. Afsana Begum looked at Mr. Shawkat and said, “I will not ask how you got my address.”

There are many ways to get the address  Afsana Begum took them inside with an indistinct sound Sitting down, Mr. Shawkat said, “The reason I came to you is that your daughter is in great danger.

Afsana Begum laughed sarcastically. Now is not the time to talk about old things, Afsana. Think of the danger to the girl What happened? My siren said and hugged her to her chest. If there was no big danger, they would not have found him like this, said Mr. Shawkat.

At the end of all, Shawkat Saheb raised the issue of Sarfaraz Ahmed. Shawkat Saheb realized his mistake. He didn’t like to make such a big decision in a hurry. He softened his voice. Can’t put an end to the whole ordeal.

How can I accept that losing him? What are you telling me to do now? Let’s go back. I will take care of her. What will the society say You stayed with me You thought quietly for a long time. Afsana Begum You can’t tell me I have that right?

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