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called the future and called my mother

It could rain at any moment so I went to fetch everyone’s clothes from the roof. And suddenly my legs slipped and I fell down the stairs. I woke up screaming, I don’t remember anything after that. When I regained consciousness I found myself in a hospital bed. And war is sitting near my head. As soon as I opened my eyes, Ran said

Heart, are you all right Yes, I’m fine. Is my baby okay? Did something happen to my baby? Is our baby okay? _Yes, heart. And that’s fine. You don’t have to worry. Take a break and rest. _Ran, I feel like. _Hey, don’t think crazy.

Nothing happened to our child. You know, when I was on the 3rd staircase, I slipped and fell on the 5th staircase, and all I know is how I grabbed the railing to save my baby. I don’t remember what happened then. But why is my stomach so stressed? _On nothing, you’re in pain for that. It will be fine.

Then everyone from outside my house and  house came inside and talked to me. The doctor kept me in the hospital for two days. Ran and my mother-in-law stay with me. also wants to stay, but Ran says, there is  am here so I will take care of her. So my mother left.

Meanwhile, my only thought is, is my baby okay? Two days later, the doctor asked us to do an ultrasonography, which would confirm how well my baby was doing. I am doing ultrasonography and sitting in the doctor’s cabin. Today, two days later, after seeing the ultrasonography report, I am very sad to inform you that the position of your child is not very good. Fifty-fifty is his chance to come into the world and leave the world. However, if the child is kept, the life of the child’s mother may be in danger.

So I think you should abort the baby now. Now you decide what you want to do. Do you want to keep the baby, or … As soon as I heard that, the ground seemed to move from under my feet. There was blood dripping inside his chest. It was as if I had lost my speech. Ran walked out of the cabin. Sitting on the verandah of the hospital, he pressed his face with both hands and tried in vain to hide the sound of crying.

Then after seven minutes come and hold my hand and say Doctor, make arrangements to avoid the child. _No Ran, what are you talking about? I will kill my child? Again with my own hands? No  understand. If you do, your life will be at risk. And he has no 80% chance of survival. Why don’t you understand? _So I will kill my child to avoid risking my life as a mother? What do you mean by war? _When you are healthy, we will have a baby again.

And if you are not there, what will I do with the baby? I can’t risk the life of my love for the one who hasn’t come into the world yet. I can’t risk the life of my wife. _Doctor you make arrangements. _Okay, you leave a little patient now and go out. _I’m going, and you make arrangements to avoid the baby. The battle goes out. And I tell the doctor, _I can’t kill the baby, doctor. My husband has a lot of dreams about this baby.

He has a lot of dreams about this baby. I can’t break the doctor’s dream to save my life. _So what do you want now? _I want my baby to be in my womb. And don’t tell my husband about this. He loves me so much, he would never want to risk his life to bring any life into this world. _But have you thought about the consequences?

Maybe I may die, I will live as long as I live? So I want to keep my baby. _ As you wish. But if you feel bad, you will come to me quickly. Do not bend in any way. can go now Doctor, is everything alright? Now there is no possibility of any harm to him? _All is well. Ran came running to me. He turned his hand on my head and said, “Nothing will happen, heart, everything will be fine. After a few days, our baby will come in your womb again.

Don’t worry I looked at crying By the way, I may be crying over the loss of the baby. But I’m crying because I hid such a big truth from Ran and Ran loves me so much, thinking this. The next day he released me and we went home. Everyone in the house comforts me. Nothing will happen. Everything will be fine again. I keep quiet, don’t say anything. It took a week to see. Suddenly I noticed that the symptoms of my pregnancy are disappearing one by one. Why is this happening suddenly Before

I used to feel dizzy often. Now I don’t feel dizzy, before I used to feel nauseous, now I don’t feel, I used to feel a kind of feeling in my stomach. I have been feeling that way since morning. It went on like this all day. I thought I would go to the doctor tomorrow. But from the evening onwards, abdominal pain started suddenly. And the pain became severe. I shouted and called the future and called my mother. Mother and sister-in-law came to me, asking

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